Two Weeks in the French Interior - Summer, 2007

04 Brantôme (Dordogne) to Monpazier (Dordogne)
Thursday, August 16

The cooler air, thanks to the thunderstorm, stayed around this time. We still found it difficult to get up early (jet-lag), but our coffee and croissants were on the table by 8:15. We had to pack and head out by 11:00. F. was talking up a visit to a château, and lunch in the noted Auberge de la Truffe in Sorge in the Bergerac area. We did stop for an extended walk and photo-shoot in an abandoned abbey, but, as happens with unscheduled vacations, we found that the coveted truffles lunch was "Complét" by our arrival, so we had to drive to a little hilltop village, Thiviers, for what seemed to me a somewhat mediocre lunch in an outdoor cafe.

Heading south, we again passed on both Perigueux and Bergerac (of red wine fame), and headed instead for what we thought might be a quiet "bastide" town, Monpazier--established 800 years ago under British rule. Wrong. Hundreds of milling tourists in the central square, all cafes packed. The main hotel was "Complét", but we got the last room in the much nicer Edward 1er hotel--a bit of a splurge--but our windows opened onto the green fields beyond the bastide walls, and the furnishings were elegant and comfortable. We walked the town, and settled for dinner in a pizza place (duck) in a slightly less traveled part of the bastide's grid.

Our rental car is the gray one in the hedged parking lot, as seen from our hotel window.




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