Two Weeks in the French Interior - Summer, 2007

06 St. Vite (Gites - Lot)
Saturday, August 18

We woke to an impeccable French breakfast on our "farm", then walked around taking pictures for a while. Then we drove to Fumel to get walking maps, a bad lunch (a crêperie whose "salads" were almost entirely from canned ingredients), a camera chip, wine, and a couple pillow cases for home. Afterwards, we drove to the nearby Château Bonaguil area, hiked a couple miles through the woods and back to its entrance, and then spent hours climbing the towers and turrets, taking pictures, and imagining times past.

To make up for the bad lunch in Fumel, we drove to Tournon d'Agenais for an excellent dinner at Les Voyageurs restaurant--profiterole de chève chaud, pork, chicken, and finished with a great crème caramel. France was redeeming herself by the hour. Or, perhaps, we were just beginning to reaccustom ourselves to the new schedules, time-zone, and culture...



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