Another Excellent Month in Marseillan, France

Featuring Darrell, Fran, a rented house on Rue des Droits de l'Homme, food and wine, a port, some July events, and
various glimpses of the surrounding towns and countryside.
A slideshow of maybe 150 pictures.

And here are 50 more travel shots -- landscape, art works, a Big Box store, and a few goats!

Maybe it was web-fatigue, or distraction, or laziness. Bottom line is I could not get energized about documenting our June/July trip to southwest France this year (2011). I'm putting up this slideshow of photos mostly to help us remember aspects of the trip, but you are welcome to browse the photos, even though they are displayed somewhat randomly and without commentary. If you like France as much as we do, sometimes random daydreaming is enough?

Fran took at least a third of the pictures (especially the minimalist landscapes --at 70 mph), and any picture that includes me. Actually, Fran spent a lot of her time working on still life photographs in her "studio," using items collected after our arrival. Her photos here are, like mine, shot with a Lumix LX5, her travel camera. The big camera stayed in the studio with her lighting setup.

OK...too many cemetery pix (we just happened to have our cameras on the two days that our walks took us through Italian cemeteries). And nothing dramatic in any of them, with the possible exception of Bastille Day hoopla and fireworks. One factor is that we spent a month in this town and in the area in April, 2009, and revisited a lot of places that we didn't want to photograph again. The much more ambitious slideshows for that trip are elsewhere on this website, and provide a better introduction to this small jewel of a vacation village.

Later, I may add some pictures taken in a couple of our museum visits: the underwater archeological museum in Cap d"Agde (The Ephèbe museum), and the Paul Valéry museum show (Juan Gris) in Sètes.


And here are 50 more travel shots -- another slideshow of landscapes, art works, food and wine, a Big Box store, and a few goats!

A couple videos                                                             A couple email reports to friends

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