France (again)
July, 2004

Saturday, July 3 - Boston, Paris, Rohan (Brittany) Sunday, July 4 - Rohan, Kergourio
Monday, July 5 - Josselin, Vannes Tuesday, July 6 - Auray, Carnac, Quiberon
Wednesday, July 7 - Pontivy Thursday, July 8 - Pontivy, Mur-de-Bretagne
Friday, July 9 - Pontivy, Rohan Saturday, July10 - Josselin, Ploërmel
Sunday, July 11 - Autoroute south, Saintes Monday, July 12 - Neuvic, Souillac (Lot, Dordogne)
Tuesday, July 13 - Dordogne River, Souillac Wednesday, July 14 - Martel, Beaulieu, Souillac
Thursday, July 15 - Souillac, Autoroute north, Harfleur Friday, July 16 - Étretat (Normandy)
Saturday, July 17 - Yport, Paris CDG, plane home  

These pages are a travel photo-diary of a couple weeks' vacation in France. No docu-dramas, no national monuments, no tourist attractions. Rather, there are pictures of towns and countryside, rivers, canals, and seas, markets and local citizens, cafés and food, a small town's Bastille Day celebrations, and, occasionally, each other. Wanting a break from our routines at home in Maine, we rented a piece of a stone farmhouse in central Brittany (2 bedrooms, kitchen, bath, salon, and 14 acres of grounds by the Nantes-to-Brest Canal). The plan was to stay two weeks to cook, walk, bike, swim, and make several car trips to the Brittany shore--one hour away, whether one traveled south, west, or north.

As it happens with plans, they were changed. Bad weather, cold, and a sprained ankle made us decide to leave Brittany after a week to seek the sun in the warmer Dordogne region to the south. Then, on whim, we decided to go all the way back north again to Normandy before our return home. This revised plan allowed us to visit several places we had visited in March, 2003--to see them during "high" season.

It was not as satisfying as some of our former travel, but it was a good vacation overall. I hope you enjoy the pictures. The text here is mine, and I took almost all of the pictures, so it should not surprise you that there are lots more pictures here of F than of me.


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Copyright© 2004 - Darrell Taylor